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I decided to start creative hotel services because I wanted to communicate the portfolio that has evolved over the years. I was working in music for most of my life when I got involved in a big project of creating Europe’s first music hotel (“nhow music & lifestyle hotel”). I developed strategic alliances, thought out a concept, built high-end studio facilities, a stage, the nhow music night, and developed brand-building partnerships with the music and media industry. After leaving nhow, I had grown my already strong network and set out to circulate my creative portfolio.

Of course I am still actively working in music producing, writing, and teaching at the University of Applied Arts in Berlin. However, this site is not about music per se, it is about the services I have to offer. Please see my portfolio for a closer look.

With Creative Hotel Services I offer a range of services that stimulate growth in your company, set the atmosphere for your guests, and improve your overall level of professionalism.

The services include background music, event technology and management, the innovative front-office platform for cultural events “Concergio”, sound system installations, on-hold music, brand music, and team building, ice-breaking, and kick-off events. I partner with strong brands and innovative companies to help make your business even better.

Premium background music
I decided to work with Radiopark after looking into the field of background music while working as Director of Music at nhow hotel Berlin. There are many company's that provide music to businesses, however, Radiopark while not (yet) the largest company, I think it is the best in their field. Their patented system allows to time the musical atmosphere, so that your clients and guests can enjoy their breakfast in a calm and focused atmosphere while the after-work-crowd can be outfitted with more energetic and driving music. The hardware is designed to function and the companies is constantly working on the next model. The product is simple to use and reliable. Of course the best part is the great content!

Should you find yourself in need of a background music solution, please get in touch. I will help you with what you need.

Event Technology and Management
I have been working with decibel Sounds for almost 20 years. They are one of Berlin’s leading companies providing state-of-the-art technology for small and big events. Their large inventory makes it easy to react quickly to urgent demands and request. Gala concerts and dinners, conferences, small and large stage setups, furniture rentals, you name it! Everything is possible.

Online ticketing system for cultural events
Concergio was the first company to explore a new way of distributing cultural events in Berlin. Hotels can easily provide their guests with tickets to shows and tourist events all around town. The best thing about it: you earn a commission with each sale. At Concergio we pride ourselves in having the most stable and reliable system and providing the highest average commissions!

If you are interested in motivating your front office staff, you should seriously consider Concergio. There is no better incentive to work harder than earning more while you do it!

Sound and Music Production
soundfloor is a production company that works from a brand perspective. The acoustic identity of a brand as part of its corporate identity holds infinite potential in the brand communication of a company.

Every hotelier needs music to make guests who are on-hold more comfortable. Maybe they will even pop a smile because you are innovative in your use of this valuable and underestimated communication tool.

There is no sound-related matter that soundfloor doesn’t touch. If you have an idea, let’s make it happen!

Teambuildings, Incentives, Ice-Breaking Events
Music’n’emotion is a way of inspiring and motivating people through the power of music. We have worked to create an event that will help your sales force to become more effective and learn about the tools that the world of music has to offer to get closer to your clients.

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